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Our Mid-week Faith Lift!
Dinner – Fellowship – Bible Study

Dinner 5-6:30pm ($6)
Bible Study 5:45-6:15pm
Choir 6:15pm
Children 6-7:30pm
Youth  6-8:00pm

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I am looking forward to the first Wednesday of October, October the 5th to be exact.  On that day we will begin our mid-week faith lift.  This year will be much different than previous years.  We will still be having a wonderful meal starting at 5pm, but this year we will be adding something new.  After the meal we will recognize birthdays and anniversaries, singing a couple of hymns, but in addition we will go into a Bible study after we sing.  I will be teaching from the book of Galatians for approximately one half hour.  The entire evening should conclude around 6:15 to 6:20.  The letter to the Galatian churches has a powerful message for us to learn.  I hope you will join us for an evening of wonderful food and wonderful spiritual food.  This is a great opportunity not only for a good mean and nourishment from the word of God, but also for Christian fellowship.   John Wesley taught that studying the scriptures and Christian fellowship were both means of how God’s grace flows into our lives and spirit.  So I want to invite you to open the doors of God’s grace to fill your lives by attending each Wednesday for a wonderful time.

God Bless,

Pastor Craig Moore