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Do you have a vehicle you are considering getting rid of?  We have a new solution for you.

PCUMC has recently registered with V-DAC, Vehicle Donation to Any Charity, which provides an easy, turn-key vehicle donation program for the benefit of our church and other non-profits.  Through this program, you can turn any car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or RV into cash and deliver a high percent of the net proceeds to the church as your tax-deductible donation. Since 2002, V-DAC has been providing programs to over 2500 local and national non-profits, including the Alzheimer’s Foundation, the Boy Scouts, Goodwill Industries, and many others.

The donation process is simple…you can go to V-DAC’s website ( or simply call 1-877-999-8322 toll-free for assistance.  There is no cost to you or to the church.  All expenses are deducted from the gross sales price.

After the initial paperwork is completed, a towing company will arrange for convenient pick-up of the vehicle whether it runs or not.  V-DAC works with a large national network of efficient wholesale auctions, so they can sell the vehicle in the best possible marketplace. They will complete the DMV paperwork and send tax forms to you, showing the sell price of the vehicle as tax-deductible.   The net proceeds from the sale of your vehicle are sent to Port Charlotte UMC as your charitable donation.

If you are considering trading in a vehicle, are facing high repair costs for a vehicle, or simply want an easy way to dispose of a vehicle, please consider making a donation to the church through the V-DAC program.  It is simple and easy!  V-DAC will take any vehicle, anywhere, whether it runs or not!