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8am, 9:30am & 11am.

Church Membership Class:
Call the church office to sign up for our next membership class: 625-4356.

Please fill out this form, and email it to the church office, or bring to your first class:

New Member Information Sheet

All are welcome to attend and participate in the activities of Port Charlotte United Methodist Church; we hope that the great majority of people who attend will take the further step of committing themselves to the life and work of this congregation by becoming members here.

The members of PCUMC value and savor the opportunity to labor together for Christ.  We are all in ministry here together; while our own needs for spiritual nurture and growth are met here, we are here primarily not to be served, but to serve, following the example of our Lord (Mark 10:45).  Each of us has our own special gifts to use to build up Christ’s body, the church, and to extend the reach of God’s kingdom in this world.  We would love for you to discover both how your life with God will be enriched by being a part of this thriving church, and how God will equip and use you to advance God’s cause in our world.

Membership at Port Charlotte UMC is about claiming a mutual commitment and investment among a group of believers. We commit, thick or thin, full or flush, good and bad, to “do” life together. Church membership is about being part of something bigger than one’s own life and identifying with the most profound cause in the history of the universe – the Church of Jesus Christ.

Whether you are a new friend of PCUMC, have been here for a while, or invest heavily already in the ministry of this group, we would ask you to consider that next step. Making a public affirmation of this body of believers. Membership begins with attending the Church Membership Class.