Adult Class Offerings for Sunday Morning:


…”Jesus said, ‘If you make my word your home you will indeed be my disciples. ’”  John 8:31, The New Jerusalem Bible

In this verse, Jesus issues a challenge to those who would be his disciples to take up residence in his teaching, spend time with him—long enough to feel at home with him. DISCIPLE Bible Study offers a challenge and a promise. The challenge is to see the regular, in-depth study of Scripture, designed to develop biblically nourished persons committed to discipleship and ministry. The promise is that all who come to Scripture allowing it to have its say will, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, experience a power that changes priorities and redirects lives.

DISCIPLE class requires a commitment from each participant to read daily assignments so that at the conclusion of the study, participants will have read more than 70 percent of the Bible contents. Each class session has a short video presentation followed by discussion of the week’s readings. The aim of DISCIPLE study is building disciples who live transformed lives committed to following the teachings of Jesus.
Meets Thursdays in the New Room, 2:30 – 5pm.
Facilitator: Marlene Young

3-Ms (Mr., Mrs., and Ms.)
A very missions-oriented class supporting numerous projects. They enjoy their monthly carry-in dinner and fellowship.
Facilitator: Bob Burr.
Meeting Place: Choir Room
Current Study: “Jesus – Fulfillment of the Scriptures”

Their name comes from Keith Miller’s book, The Becomers. As Christians they are always trying to become better followers of Jesus Christ. The class believes through study and fellowship they can grow closer to our Savior. Their study is based around the video series of Ray Vander Laan. Facilitators: Don and Florence Nevins.
Meeting Place: Fellowship Hall 2 (FH2)

This closely-knit fellowship of Bible students strive to learn the things God seeks to tell us through the scriptures. They use the Bible as the textbook, choosing the topics or texts to study and discuss. The use of various Bible translations is encouraged. Class participation is a hallmark of this small group and the individual expression of questions and various interpretations is the norm. Bible study with this group is meant to be fun. Facilitator: Paul Coker.
Meeting Place: The Lounge beside the stage in FH.

A large class who enjoy sharing the reading of different interpretations of the Holy Scriptures. Study is sometimes led by one of various teachers with input from any class member wishing to speak. The group meets every other month at church for an evening potluck social. Class President: Mary Meyer.
Meeting Place: New Room
Facilitators: John Robertson / Cal Tschetter
Current Study: “In Plain View of the Cross”

This is a lively discussion group who use the Bible as their primary resource. Much “give and take” and sharing enable the group to grow in understanding and practice of their Christian faith. Facilitators: Terry and Doris Hixson.
Meeting Place: New Room.

One of our first Sunday School classes, studies are taken from the International Lesson Series, which explores the books of the Old and New Testaments. Class also supports several mission fields.  Facilitator:  Billie Deaton.
Meeting Place: Fellowship Hall 4 (FH4)